Mark Stamas

Who Is Mark Stamas?

Mark is a Singer – Songwriter – Guitarist – Kirbyman – Carpenter – Marketing Junkie

Off Media Web Marketing – What Mark is Doing Now

Mark Stamas 2011-11-16

Mark Stamas currently owns and runs Off Media Web Marketing in North Fork, California.

Mark is more than just another “web designer” but provides full blown internet marketing services and consultation both online and off.

This includes everything from the ubiquitous “search engine optimization”, to writing copy that converts, to managing pay per click, to developing custom web applications.

Mark’s primary focus is internet marketing, where three things are communicated and communicated well, what you offer, why they want it, how they get it.

And that is the entire essence of marketing. (The First Lesson, The Last Lesson, and all Lessons In Between.)

How Mark Got Here

Mark is from California USA, born in Redwood City, also known as Deadwood City, but he didn’t live there long, in fact at all. He learned of Redwood City’s reputation years later. Evidently Redwood City has a marketing issue, at least with youth of a certain age.

Mark grew up all over the United States, and on sovereign indigenous lands, in such places as Woodacre, Halcyon, Amherst and the Acoma Pueblo New Mexico.

Time spent on the rez had a deep and profound impact on Mark’s worldview, changed his whole outlook on things.

Singer Songwriter Guitarist

The Acoma experience and the Beatles sent him on his way. Mark became a singer songwriter guitarist. Mark’s favorite Beatle is of course John Lennon, who when asked for dislikes, responds with “stupid people” to Paul’s “shaving”. That one fact alone illuminates the essence of authenticity versus plasticity, later to become a key element in Mark’s successful marketing efforts.


Settling in North Fork California, a place with the odd claim of being the “exact” center of California, Mark got in the trades and became a carpenter. Working with wood, being outdoors, hard labor, all contributed to Mark’s overarching goal of being off every day, and built his character too of course.

Marketing IS Mark’s Name with “eting” Added

Starting in the mid nineties Mark cut his teeth doing web sites for himself and his friends while employed as a carpenter and doing music.

Back in those days, for a very short time, web sites were a novelty that everyone thought would bring floods of instant business. On top of that everyone thought they could just “type it in” like a text document and walk away with instant sales improvement.


After the carpenter days he did a stint as a Kirbyman offering superior “home cleaning systems” (Kirby vacuums) to those in need.

That’s right, Mark was a vacuum cleaner salesman! There really is no better way to hone your marketing skills than trying to jam an overpriced gold plated “home cleaning system” that’s really a glorified vacuum down someone’s throat when that’s the last thing they want.

No, just kidding. Mark still owns his Generation 5 and has fond memories of showing people the benefits of a Kirby, showing them the fact beyond dispute that they need one, and how they can get one within their budget, all of marketing in one go.

Marketing Junkie

After years of doing web sites for organizations, individuals and businesses one thing became clear. People don’t need to be messing around with marketing when they should be doing what they do best. Mark saw the need for cut to the chase, no nonsense, set and forget internet marketing that allowed businesses to do business, while their online marketing and coordination was handled for them.

So Off Media was born in 2000 and continues today.

Off Every Day

The Band That Doesn’t Exist

Indicated above is the fact that Mark is a huge Beatles fan and became a singer songwriter guitarist.

He had a band with band members called Off Every Day, named for not only his goal, but for his personality, for the way of things, for reality. Mark recognizes that there is no perfection, no straight lines in nature, everything is off kilter.

But there is such a thing as effective. And Mark finds that music is an effective form of communication, particularly pop music. The structure of a good pop song is exactly the same as an effective marketing campaign.

Off Every Day did not coalesce as originally intended and has been relegated to simply not existing as “a band” with “band members” rather as Mark and software, Reason 6.